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Mr. Pradeep Malhotra

Pradeep is responsible for financial and commercial matters relating to PDC's business. He holds responsibility for long-term strategy and ensuring the continued health and viability of the operation. He has over 30 years of wide ranging experience. He also spearheads the growth of several major PDC customers. Pradeep brings all-round expertise to PDC's operations, having held various roles across the business including sales, delivery, finance and operations. A family person, Pradeep also enjoys walking and indulges in nature walks over long distances on regular basis.

Mr. Rajeev Malhotra

Has 3 decades of experience in the textiles and garment chemicals industry. He Is an introvert by nature but marketing and meeting people is passion, which is kind of ironic! Enthusiastic about marketing, he is the hand behind delivering supreme customer service all these years. He is responsible for leading innovation strategy, new product development and brand management & is the man behind the brand 'PIDA'

Mr. Parag Malhotra

Has 10 years of experience in the textiles and garment chemicals industry with PDC. A lateral thinker, he is passionate about his area of work. He keeps himself abreast with the latest developments in the industry, takes part in various exhibitions and industry events. He is a strategic think tank for the company & plans and introduces new developments and product lines to PDC.

Mr. Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth is an MBA (Finance) from the University of Mumbai. He has over 3 years of experience with PDC. He is the latest member on the block with fresh and innovative outlook and ideas. Known for his eye for detail, Sidharth is meticulous in his approach and likes to independently take up responsibilities and brilliantly executes it. Sidharth manages the product delivery and operations of the company. He oversees daily activities of the delivery team and provides direction and guidance as needed. A fitness enthusiast, walking long distances is his passion. He also enjoys working out and reading books

Ms. Rashi Malhotra

Rashi spearheads the global sales and marketing function of PDC. She is a Finance MBA with over 10 years of corporate experience in business development, presales, customer engagement and digital solutions. Her expertise in handling clienteles from varied domains and geography coupled with her analytical mindset and articulation skills helps PDC foray into new markets with innovative business models, build customer centricity and create the right proposition. A foodie and fitness enthusiast, Rashi is adept in striking the right balance in both her personal and professional life.

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